I only drink champagne on two occasions. When I am in love, and when I am not.




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The absence of women in history is man made.

The absence of women in history is man made.

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I am Leesa Cross-Smith. A brown-eyed Kentucky girl & a writer of fictions. INFJ, a highly sensitive person, an empath. My debut short story collection EVERY KISS A WAR (Mojave River Press) will be released early 2014. Sometimes I write about makeup and baseball and books and life and stuff over at LeesaCrossSmith.com & there's a detailed list of my work over here. I'm also co-founder and editor over at WhiskeyPaper. I write reviews for Female Gaze Review & some other places too. I also write Sons of Anarchy reviews over here.

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Yes, yes y'all.

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HELLO, YOU! JSYK: I love Jesus. "Bind my wandering heart to Thee." I also love my bearded husband & our little babies. Also: haberdashery, DMB, The Avett Brothers, Caleb Followill's voice, Miranda Lambert, The Civil Wars, Haim, Jax Teller, Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak & Arrow, hands-in-pockets Jim Halpert, country music, bluegrass, southern living, mason jars, cardigan sweaters, extra accessories, winged eyeliner, hippie stuff, sk8boarding culture, bright colors, the 90s, classic rock, baseball, Derek Jeter's jump throw, Josh Hamilton's batting bounce, Americana, my LLBean boots, cowboy boots, old-timey things, the country, the mountains, the ocean, flannel & plaid, hilarity, books & cooking & food & farming & basically anything that is awesome. Most of these pictures are not mine but everything should link back to its original source. I reblog things b/c of how they make me feel and b/c of reasons. Here is my message box. ♥